Senator Grassley introduces bill designed to improve IRS customer service

WASHINGTON — The Internal Revenue Service has never been anyone’s favorite agency, according to Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley, but his new legislation may help people to detest the IRS a little less.

Grassley is introducing what he’s calling the Taxpayers’ Bill of Rights Enforcement Act. Grassley says, “The bill would improve customer service at the IRS, create new taxpayer protections and update and strengthen existing taxpayer protection.”

Grassley, a Republican, says he’s introduced similar legislation several times in the past, dating back to the mid-1980s. He says many of the earlier goals have already been met but the now agency needs to have the bar placed higher.

Grassley says, “There’s still much work to be done to make sure taxpayers have what they need as they work to meet their tax obligation.” Following recent scandals involving the agency and a boost in complaints about poor customer service, Grassley says it’s clear the IRS still needs closer regulation and guidance.

“Taxpayers shouldn’t be at a disadvantage with an agency that has such tremendous power over their money,” Grassley says. “The IRS has to answer taxpayers’ questions, protect their privacy, and help people meet their tax obligations with fairness and most importantly, respect.”

Grassley most recently introduced a Taxpayers’ Bill of Rights in June of 2015 which targeted mismanagement and inappropriate conduct by IRS employees.

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