Probation for former Mason City pizza restaurant employee accused of double-cashing paychecks

MASON CITY — It’s a deferred judgment for a former employee of a Mason City pizza restaurant accused of illegally doubling his paychecks. Investigators accused 20-year-old Brandon Tonn of Plymouth of depositing eight paychecks from Domino’s Pizza twice by first using a smartphone application to deposit the paychecks into his account, and then later depositing those same checks again. Tonn was accused of illegally gaining just over $2000 by doing that between November 10th 2015 and August 18th of last year. Tonn was arrested in February and charged with second-degree theft. As part of a plea agreement, Tonn pleaded guilty on Tuesday to a charge of third-degree theft. Judge Karen Salic issued a deferred judgment, sentencing Tonn to two years probation and issuing a $625 civil penalty, with $300 of that being suspended. Tonn could have faced up to five years in prison on the original charge.

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