Local Salvation Army leader suggests donating money instead of goods for now to hurricane relief efforts (AUDIO)

MASON CITY — The leader of the Mason City Salvation Army says the best thing people can do to help the victims of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma is make monetary donations.

Lt. Kenyon Sivels says instead of trying to donate clothes, food or water, the Salvation Army is requesting money, that way people impacted by the hurricanes can be best served. He says for those who are displaced still, there’s no way those things will benefit them right now. “If they are out of their homes, in a shelter, on someone’s couch, they don’t have the space to carry around all the different things people want to give them. So monetary donations will enable the Salvation Army to help out if there are specific needs that they need in the moment, we can provide those things for them.”

Sivels says they are also looking to compile a list of local volunteers to go help victims. He says they’re looking for people to possibly go down to Houston and Louisiana. “We’ve not heard yet what needs might be needed pertaining to the southeast…we’re not sure yet, but we are certainly looking for volunteers for Houston.”

Sivels says if you are interested in being a volunteer, you can call their office at 424-4031 or message them through their Facebook page. You can listen back to our interview with Sivels by clicking on the left side of the audio player below.

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