Crabb says he’s running for another term as Clear Lake’s mayor

CLEAR LAKE — Clear Lake’s mayor says he’s running for another term. Nelson Crabb is completing his third term as the community’s mayor. He says, “When you have people that we have there that are very enthusiastic, that are very positive, that want to see the community move forward…you know, I really love that community.”

Crabb credits City Administrator Scott Flory for the community’s continued success. He says, “If Scott Flory wasn’t going to be there, I wouldn’t do this. There is a man who is very, very bright. Many times he says what he thinks, and I don’t want to hear it, but he is factual on everything. He does his research. I get stuff from him at 11:30 at night, where he’s researched some other town, and ‘hey I wonder if this would work in Clear Lake’ or ‘this won’t work in Clear Lake’. He’s not afraid to say no to us on council. We come up with some idea, and he has some information to say ‘that’s not going to work in this town’ or ‘this is the reason why it won’t work’.”

Crabb says he enjoys working with the people to make Clear Lake a great community. He says, “When you are doing the work of the people…I don’t think there’s any place better to do it than Clear Lake, and that’s basically the reason I’m choosing to run again for that position as mayor.”

Crabb made his re-election announcement on today’s edition of the “Ask the Mayor” program on KGLO. You can listen back to the entire program by clicking on the left side of the audio player at the end of this story.  Besides the mayor’s position, the Second Ward council seat currently held by Tony Nelson and the At-Large seat currently held by Gary Hugi are on the November ballot.

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