Court of Appeals affirms Hampton man’s murder conviction

HAMPTON — The Iowa Court of Appeals has turned down the appeal of a Hampton man convicted of murder.

62-year-old Ronald Rand was convicted of first-degree murder in the shotgun death of 51-year-old Michelle Key in Rand’s home on December 13th of 2015. Authorities had said Rand told police he and Key were arguing before she was shot, but at his trial, Rand said he and Key had been in good spirits while he was showing her a gun. He said it went off after Key grabbed the gun.

Rand appealed his conviction, saying the evidence was not sufficient to support the pre-meditation and malice-aforethought elements required of a first-degree murder conviction. T

he Court of Appeals in a ruling issued today said they agreed with the jury’s findings that Rand acted with pre-meditation and malice-aforethought and therefore affirmed his conviction.

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