Clear Lake to consider banning tobacco use at city parks

CLEAR LAKE — The Clear Lake City Council this week approved moving forward with drafting a new ordinance banning smoking at city parks and beaches.

Parks and Recreation Department director Randy Miller says the city’s Parks and Recreation Board recommended the issue be addressed by the council. He says they wanted to make sure kids didn’t have to deal with second-hand smoke, and he’s gotten some phone calls from people with respiratory conditions supporting the idea since they have to deal with the impacts of second-hand smoke.

Miller says it’s not only a quality of life issue, but it’s also dealing with city staff having to pick up a large amount of cigarette butts in the city’s parks. He says it’s quite a mess with holidays and events in the parks. “They’re very difficult to pick up, it’s not like a can or a piece of litter than can be fairly easily picked up. There’s no avoiding it, you just have to get down and grab it with your hands. On 4th of July, we actually have bags of these things that we end up picking up just out of City Park, the Sea Wall and the beach area. I think this would go a long ways in helping with that issue.”

Besides traditional tobacco cigarettes, the proposed ordinance would also include the banning of electronic cigarettes. The council approved City Administrator Scott Flory to finalize a proposed ordinance before their September 18th meeting, at which the council would consider the first of three readings needed to approve the new law.

Watch this week’s Clear Lake City Council meeting by clicking here

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