Clear Lake Fire Department holds annual 9-11 ceremony (AUDIO)

CLEAR LAKE — The annual ceremony honoring the victims of the September 11th terrorist attacks was held last night at the Fire Department in Clear Lake.

Retired Marine Corps veteran Bill Salier of Nora Springs was the guest speaker at the event. Salier says rescue personnel back in 2001 as well as those serving us today should always be recognized for their efforts.

“But so too are the special people who are wading across the water to go and get someone out of a house in Houston. So too are the people who when there’s a fire in Mason City, when there’s a fire in Garner, when there’s a fire in Clear Lake, when someone is having a heart attack, when there’s somebody that has a weapon and someone is a hostage, and somebody is going into that building, they’re special. And they are, whether it’s in Clear Lake Iowa or if it’s in Atlanta. They’re special.”

Salier says the United States is special that we can come together in times of disaster. “That’s just how we are. That’s us as Americans. There is something special about we as a people. There is something special about this land between the Atlantic and the Pacific, and not just that we are mineral rich and we grow really good corn. There is something special here and it came in an idea, and the idea is freedom. It’s the freedom that drives us forward to be great.”

Salier says Americans have been able to do the one thing that no other country has ever figured out to do with freeing up the individual. He says freedom has always been worth fighting for.

“Whether it was the first fight in the skies over Pennsylvania, or the hooking and jabbing that is going on this very minute to keep us free. It started way back with our war for independence. And we have fought, and we have fought and we have fought time and time again, across the shores and skies of this world to maintain that. And not a single death has even been in vain, because they have every single one of them been to secure the idea of our freedom.”

Salier made his comments feet away from a piece of the World Trade Center that has been on display at the Clear Lake Fire Department. You can hear last night’s event in its entirety by clicking on the left side of the audio player below.

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